Posted by Hannah July 06, 2015

Hey everyone! Rampage has opened up a few spots for both level 1 and level 2 UGLY CLUB memberships!

For those of you who are into the cute yet ugly things that Rampage creates, this is really targeted at YOU!  Of course this doesn't mean that club exclusives are strictly limited to any certain type of toy - the gammit shall be ran!  

The different levels they have available are:

Level 1:  Basic “Ugly Club” Membership.  $75
-Club initiation “Electric Boogaloo” Ugly Unicorn (pictured above).  This guy will come bagged with screen printed header card.
-Ugly Unicorn Sticker set (2 holographic stickers)
-Silk screened, numbered, signed and stamped Membership card.  This card will grant you dibs and discounts and maybe surprises when shown at future events!
-Enrollment in the “Ugly Club” mailing list – for exclusive releases, dibs on “ugly stuff” and other sorts of fun.

Level 2: Premier “Ugly Club” Subscription Membership. $130
-All of the Basic Membership benefits (Initiation UU, Stickers, Membership card, Mailing list enrollment)
-ONE custom (one-of-a-kind) Ugly Unicorn (probably mailed later and separately from the initiation UU)
-3 club exclusive UU’s of your choosing (choose any 3 from those offered via the Ugly Club mailing list – at no extra costs for shipping or otherwise).

check it out and have a peek here!



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