Posted by Sam September 11, 2015
Two Faced Todd (First Edition Release) by Bad Attic Toys

Let's continue on the ride down memory lane, shall we? Goosebumps and gross-out candy. Madballs and Slime. The simple days when kids played with trading cards instead of iPads.  Bad Attic Toys has finally released the first ball in the six ball Trouballz series, Two Faced Todd. Each hand-painted ball, showcased in its plexiglass case is complete with a vintage style trading card that brings us back in time.  Hello 1985!

The $100, purple sofubi has worms crawling out of one eye and a toothy, mischievous grin from worm to spider. The first batch of these nostalgic balls is in limited supply so send an email as soon as possible to to order. 

imagetrouballz-release-box.jpg, by Sam


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