Posted by Trustpigs October 02, 2015

Our friends at Mezco are celebrating the spirit of Halloween a little early with their All Treat-No Trick Mystery Boxes, and they've given Clutter readers an exclusive discount! Each of these boxes contains at least $40 worth of Mezco products, whether it is one pricier piece, two mid-range works, an assortment of smaller items, or a combination of some sort. There are only 310 of these mystery boxes being made, some of which contain treats worth as much as $200! These boxes are normally $20 each, but Mezco are letting Clutter readers get these for only $10 apiece for one day only!

You need to add at least one mystery box to your shopping cart and, to use the coupon, click VIEW CART, enter the coupon code clutterlover, and then check out. This coupon is only good on one mystery box per person, but you can order as many as five boxes total! So head on over HERE now and use the code clutterlover to feel the love and get some sweet Mezco goodness, but you have to use the code before 10am Eastern time on Saturday, October 3rd, when it vanishes in the light of day like a spectre should…



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