Posted by Trustpigs November 13, 2015
Alex Pardee & Super Secret Fun Club’s “Urkel Jerk” Figure

Stunning toy creator Super Secret Fun Club has partnered with twisted artist Alex Pardee to bring the latter’s “Urkel Jerk” design come to three-dimensional life. Inspired by the geeky next-door neighbour from the TV show Family Matters, Steve Urkel, this piece renders the character as a demonic entity and is done at the 8-inch tall Mego scale… complete with real clothing attiring him! As an added bonus, this carded figure comes with a miniature minion named “Stevil,” based on the Chucky-like Urkel ventriloquist dummy from the episodes “Stevil” and “Stevil: This Time, He's Not Alone.”

To round out the release, each one will also include a Garbage Pail Kids like 5" x 7" holographic sticker card! Limited to a total run of 10 pieces, each artist will have half the run to sell. Super Secret Fun Club will begin selling his allotment today (Friday the 13th of November, 2015) via his Instagram account. Pardee’s copies will be available at a later date, possibly — but not confirmed — at DesignerCon. The cost of each figure set will be $100. Due to demand and the ultra-limited quantities, Super Secret Fun Club will be selling their copies through a silent auction on their Instagram account, with a starting bid of $100 per set.


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