Posted by Trustpigs January 28, 2016
Mondo announces the return of… Madballs!

While the prototypes were displayed at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, official word has leaked through the Instagram accounts of Mondo proper and Brock Otterbacher, Mondo's Creative Director for Toys & Collectibles, as well as in an Entertainment Weekly article: artistic brand Mondo will be releasing the classic toyline Madballs anew!

Yes, the gross-out foam balls from the '80s and '90s are coming back as a collectible vinyl toy line, the MondoBalls logo pictured above having been created by none other than Scarecrowoven. With the first three characters to be re-depicted being Skull Face, Horn Head, and Slobus, we understand that this very wallet friendly trio will be available to pre-order soon via Mondo’s official site.


But that's not the end of the announcement, as Mondo is delving deep into their various licensing deals to release Madball-esque versions of characters from Gremlins, Friday the 13th, and Marvel, as the pictured prototype of Venom below shows!


We have received unofficial word that the line will most likely not be called MondoBalls, as originally planned, but the new name has not been disclosed yet.


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