Posted by marc February 08, 2016
Mr Clement's Final Astrolapin Full Reveal & Release

Mr Clement has revealed full shots of the final version of his Astrolapin toy. The steel-colored vinyl combined with a glossy finish gives the toy a metallic look. A silvery flag accessory joins the space bunny, both encased in a brushed steel style monolith, adding even more of a callback to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Despite tagging Rotofugi in the teaser announcement, this figure is apparently being sold exclusively through Mr Clement's web shop. And while previous entries in the series retailed around $145, this one runs just under $210 before shipping. Also, one could argue that this isn't the final Astrolapin, as the Noir and Light editions, originally planned for 2015, were delayed and will be available next month (but can be pre-ordered here). Check out all three versions of Astrolapin below and let us know which version you're planning on picking up in the comments!

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