Posted by Karl April 28, 2016

After what seems like an age Black Mask Comics finally release 'Four Kids Walk into a Bank', a five issue mini-series about, well, four kids who walk into a bank.

The first issue kicks off with a nice scene setter where we meet our four protagonists playing D&D.  The humour, even here, is dark and fun and then we meet these four 11 year olds kids in the flesh, a wonderful mis-match of class nerds who seem to have come together because no one else would want them.  So, I was expecting the usual classroom bully scenario but no, this tale gets dark quick and you suddenly realise this is going to take a few twists over the remaining four issues.

If you enjoy teenage banter, D&D, real stereo typical villains and some very witty one liners make sure this is on your comic stack this week, but be quick the 31,000 initial print run sold out to stores not to mention the plethora of variant covers paying homage to classic crime and heist movies.

If you enjoyed this I’d recommend you check out We Can Never Go Home from the same writer as this jem, Matthew Rosenberg, and Space Riders also on Black Mask. 


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