Posted by marc April 25, 2016
Ecto-Cooler Hi-C

Earlier in the year, a "test can" of Hi-C's Ghostbusters-themed Ecto-Cooler showed up on eBay, sparking rumors that the brand was planning to re-release their cult classic drink to correspond with Paul Feig's movie, slated for July 15. It turns out that those rumors were accurate, as the Coca-Cola company has announced a May street date for boxes and cans of Ecto-Cooler. Any '80s or '90s kid will remember the delicious, Slimer-emblazoned orange drink. It was so popular that a Ghostbusters fan group even reverse-engineered the formula after it was taken off of shelves. There's no way this stuff is good for you, but I'll definitely be picking some up. Now if they would only re-release Rice Cripsies Treats Cereal and Cheetos Paws I'd be in junk food heaven.


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