Posted by kristina May 16, 2016
Momiji Birdie and Bowie

The latest message doll from Momiji is ready to rock! Introducing Birdie and Bowie, a little girl and teddy bear that are ready to make their big dreams come true. The two were originally created for the children's book Dreamer, created by Julie Farrell with illustrations by Becky Kemp. Farrell worked with Momiji to take Birdie and Bowie off the paper and into a resin doll. In the book Birdie is dressed up in many outfits but the rock star look, as Farrell mentioned in her interview with Momiji, was perfect as Birdie herself is "an effortless natural rock star."

Birdie is about 3 inches tall and is available now for preorder at for $39.95 per set. There is a limit of 1000 available worldwide and once they're sold out they will be gone for good. Birdie and Bowie are scheduled to ship around June 7, 2016. 

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