Posted by marc August 25, 2016

You've got to hand it to them. The boys in Every Time I Die are extremely reliable, having put out a new album every two years since 2001, save for a single three-year gap. And with their previous album, From Parts Unknown, having dropped in July of 2014, it's no surprise that their new album, Low Teens, will be out in September. Billboard have the scoop on their latest song, "C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)". In an interview with the band's vocalist and lyricist, Keith Buckley, Billboard reveal that the entire album is about a night in November of 2015 when the singer received a call notifying him that his wife - who was seven months pregnant - had come down with a life-threatening complication. After rushing to the hospital, he found his wife in a nearly unresponsive condition and his baby delivered two months early. Luckily they both survived, but the harrowing night stuck with Keith. He assures fans that even though the album's lyrics are very personal, the album is still relatable, given the themes of "hopelessness and anger and darkness and light." Check out their most recent track below and pre-order Low Teens here.

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