Posted by Brian August 08, 2017

Our friends over at Playmates Toys sent us over some very cool TMNT figures based on the current storyline airing on the Nickelodeon series. Longtime Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans will no doubt be excited to see the Heroes in a Half-Shell reteaming with Usagi Yojimbo for several episodes in the final season of the cartoon.

91071_11inch XL Usagi Yojimbo_Main.jpg
91071_11inch XL Usagi Yojimbo_Main.jpg, by Brian

Along with the set of Samurai TMNT figures, Playmates Toys also sent us a Walmart exclusive XL Usagi Figure. Standing about 11 inches tall, Usagi is part of a line of "budget" figures along with the four Turtles themselves. Figures like these have become increasingly popular in recent years for popular lines of toys. I have seen Marvel sell toys like these and DC as well. Their usually hollow, with limited articulation and detail and sell for a low price. Generally, toys like this do not excite me. I am interested in the detail, the posability, and the overall quality of a toy so an oversized budget figure is not my thing. That being said, whn I opened the box from Playmates, I was inexplicably excited about having a big Usagi figure.

His articulation is limited, just 9 points of posability, and his accessories are just his two swords, but he's a clean, nice-looking toy that doesn't beam with the "cheapness" of other kinds of budget toys like this. His colors are basic, but still good-loking and he bears a really nice resemblance to his comic book counterpart. If I have any real complaints, I would have preferred a different expression for him, the smile doesn't work super well for me, expecially since they opted not to paint it, but the rest is really a good, affordable toy that's probably just meant for kids, but still looks pretty cool.

In addition to this XL Usagi figure, Playmates also released an standard version, a version in samurai armor and another version of the armored Usagi with a horse. Currently, Clutter readers can be entered to win a Usagi Yojimbo with the horse signed by the creator of Usagi himself, Stan Sakai.

To enter to win, you must email with the subject line: Get in, I wants me a Usagi Figure!, or share our image over on Instagram with the hashtag #GetinIwantsmeaUsagiFigure. One entry per person and you must have a USA shipping address. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Aug 11th.

Good luck!

PLAYMATES.jpg, by Brian



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