Posted by Miranda October 17, 2018
Epic 2ft Tall Sludge Demon: Deaths Vault Blood Bath Edition!

Clutter Studios; NY based art fabrication and production studio, are excited to have teamed up with world-renowned kaiju and SOFUBI artist Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (MVH) to create a massive fiberglass style resin version of one of his best-loved figures; the Sludge Demon!

The original SOFUBI Sludge Demon came out in March 2010 and measured just 3.25 inches tall. Now re-released in an EPIC scale, each piece is lovingly handmade by Clutter Studios using an exacting hand-dyed marbled hollow resin technique and stands 2 feet tall!!

SLUDGEDEMON-MVH-1810-5PFFALL-3.jpg, by Miranda

True to its official backstory this intense swamp creature has ballooned to fifty times its normal size!

"A shape-shifting monster formed from the cursed swamp muck at the base of the dreaded Black Mountain, the Sludge Demon can assume a multitude of guises and sizes. To conserve his maleficent energy, most of the time he maintains a small, compact state… but don’t let the smile and chubby face of this primary form fool you: hisrazor-sharp teeth may be at your throat at the first opportunity. The Sludge Demon is the most powerful and fearsome of all monsters.”

This first release, in the DV Bloodbath Edition, is limited to only five pieces worldwide!

Available now for pre-order, this beast is priced at just $3,000 apiece which includes shipping within the tri-state area.

Grab yours here!



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