Posted by Miranda February 04, 2019
Penetrator-X; American Gross x Nicholas Fung.

The result of an awesome collaboration between American Gross and Nicholas Fung, these hand-dyed sofubi monsters are as gruesome as they are beautiful. 

Each piece features the Penetrator-X head sculpted by American Gross, on a Skullheadbutt Body, produced by Rampage Toys and hand-dyed by Nicholas Fung.

Priced at $150 apiece.

Clear Hand-dyed Penetrator-X Micro-Run

Limited to just 3 clear sofubi pieces, these pieces will be an awesome addition to your collection! 

Each piece stands 9.5" Tall and is priced at $150.

PENX-NICKY-CLEAR-6.jpg, by Miranda

Hand-dyed Penetrator-X Micro-Run

Limited to 6 hand-dyed sofubi pieces with a one-of-a-kind chase wearing a suit! These pieces will be sent out at random, will you snag the chase?

Each piece stands 9.5" Tall and is priced at $150.

PENX-NICKY-PAINTED-8.jpg, by Miranda



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