Posted by Miranda October 03, 2019
Canbot Custom Editions by Czee13

We are super lucky to have the amazing Czee13 returning for this year's Five Points Fall! Not only will he be live painting, but he has also created an edition of hand customized 5" Vinyl Canbots and Resin 15" MegBots!


Concrete street style Canbots - 5" Vinyl - I heart New York

Limited to just 10 pieces, these hand customized vinyl Canbots come complete with spray-can rattle, and custom concrete styling.

Priced at $150 apiece - they are a Five Points Fall Exclusive!


Concrete street style Megabots - 15" Rotocast Resin - I heart New York

Limited to just 5 pieces, these hand-made and customized rotocast resin Megabots are produced in New York by Clutter studios, and brought to life by Czee13!

Priced at $350 apiece - they are a Five Points Fall Exclusive, and each Megabot is unique!


Available exclusively at Five Points Fall! 

five-points-falll-flyer2019_POSTER.jpg, by Miranda


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