Posted by Miranda October 17, 2019
Introducing Yamaraja, the God of Death by American Gross.​

Yamaraja is the latest super detailed creation from the dark and twisted mind of American Gross. Hand-sculpted in wax by the artist himself over the course of the last year, this creature is the perfect death totem for your satanic Halloween rituals, or just the best new addition to your art toy collection. 

C18534DF-2388-4532-8ECD-294BF6286546.jpg, by Miranda

Each piece is lovingly handmade in NY by Clutter, using orange and black resin with a Glow-in-the-dark fill to make this piece POP! 

Measuring approx 7" tall and 6" wide, Yamaraja is limited to 30 pieces worldwide. 

Priced at $300 apiece they are available now!


AMERICANGROSS-CLUTTER-1910-1-6.jpg, by Miranda



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