Converse x Coolrain Sneakers & Toys
15 April 2016

Well that escalated quickly. Earlier this week we got a few sneak previews of a collaboration between Converse and Coolrain Lee, so I assumed the street date was at least a few month out. Nope!...

Coolrain x Converse
14 April 2016

"Another babka?" Yup, apparently there will be a series of paired Converse sneakers and Coolrain Lee figures. The above photo was published through social channels this afternoon...

coolrain lee
13 April 2016

Finally! Coolrain Lee is one of the few guys keeping the aesthetic of late '90s Asian designer toys alive. Now after 12 years of work, every one of his figures has been collected in printed form...

Converse Coolrain Lee
11 April 2016

Details are light but I'm hyped anyway. Coolrain Lee just posted a teaser of a vinyl toy matched with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. Coolrain's style definitely brings the "...

Coolrain Lee 1/6 Figures
04 March 2016

We've seen images of Coolrain Studios latest project, Dunkeys, for a while now, but they're finally available to order through ToyQube starting...

Vans x Murakami Slip-Ons by Coolrain Lee
14 January 2016

Coolrain Lee is keeping the Asian art toy stylings of Michael Lau alive with his 1/6 scale figures and handmade clothing. His latest project includes tiny versions of my personal favorite...

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