29 September 2016

I gotta eat 'em all. And trust me, I can put down multiple doughnuts in one sitting. So basically, my only issue is somehow getting to South Korea where this are being served by Krispy Kreme....

Parra X Oedipus Brewery
11 April 2016

Parra's art usually appears on prints and clothes, but if you like beer, you'll be happy to hear the Dutch artist has collaborated with Oedipus Brewery to create an illustrated logo, pint glass,...

Shawnimals Ninja Blend Coffee
17 March 2016

Two forces from Chicago unite to create the Ninja Blend Coffee. Dark Matter Coffee, who are well-known for their painstaking dedication to creating the perfect caffeinated drink, are collaborating...

02 October 2012

Oakland artist Scott Hove mixes sweet and scary in his "Cakeland" installations. Hove says...

01 October 2012

How cool is this? An Instructables user who goes by the name "Japanese Housewife" made her husband the best bento box ever. I'm...

21 March 2012

Kult Magazine Issue #8 is dedicated to food and well, the people who eat it. Kult asked 40 artists from around...

14 May 2007

So last week I made a scrummy carrot cake, see picture below (I forgot to post it earlier) and yesterday I baked this lovely looking Victoria sponge. Very tasty it is too.

18 April 2007

Seriously...£3.30 from Gaby's Deli...Falafel, Humous and oodles of Salad.

Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy :)

TMNT Cereals
04 May 2016

This past weekend, I entered the cereal aisle at my local supermarket to get my regular supply of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, when I saw something I have waited for for over 20 years: A...

McDonald's Anime Ad
21 March 2016

I'm sure this is exactly what it's like to go to McDonald's in Japan. The McDonald's marketing team must have been wondering how they could get hungry Japanese...

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