Posted by Erica March 21, 2012

Kult Magazine Issue #8 is dedicated to food and well, the people who eat it. Kult asked 40 artists from around the world to visualize a fact related to food, and use it as inspiration for their piece.

“As the world is facing a food crisis unlike anything it has seen in 50 years, we also face the conflicting problem of obesity. The spike in global food prices has turned nations into fast food junkies due to their low cost and ease of access. Small farmers are being shut out of business and being replaced by behemoth factory farms on a global scale. As food penetrates modern media with tv shows and websites, we look at the subject from a new angle. This issue of Kult examines the topic of food and facts related to the fuel which keeps us alive.” -Says Kult

The free magazine is available in 150 locations across Singapore and world wide through subscription.


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