14 November 2008
08 August 2008
25 July 2008

These are a badly kept secret but these are the new pieces from Joe Ledbetter and Kidrobot. They're obviously unicorns although no official wording on the size or edition runs of "unicornasaurus...

10 March 2008

Picture from Vinylpulse

Incoming from Joe Ledbetter - wow really churning them out, Ringo only just out, Smash about to be released and now this "Hammerhead". Only a...

20 November 2007

So it's been a few days...but y'know with the Buka show and whatnot the Clutter team have been nursing hangovers, emtpy wallets and hiding due to embarassing photos!

Anyhow - picked this up...

18 October 2007

Not much to say really is there - one of the most hotly anticipated toy launches since errr...KAWS Dissected I guess.

Unlike Firecat and Mr Bunny there's a few more colourways for the nerd...

27 September 2007

Coming soon and looking hot!

11 July 2007

First time in a long time i've been vaguely inspired by KR's release plans for August. Jled mini's are looking good, mostly. The few at the front look pretty cool - not convinced I like the Snail...

21 August 2008

In another display of how in vogue artists from the designer toy world are at the moment Joe Ledbetter has done these 'This is Sportswear' posters for Nike in Mexico. The latest in a long line of...

28 July 2008

After Geoffs post the other day on JLED's new Unicornosaurus, i thought i'd post a pic of the SDCC exclusive Lava edition. Pic 'borrowed' from Vinyl Pulse...

15 July 2008

I'm sure most people have seen this Joe Ledbetter, gold Gamerita. It was a Taipei Toy Festival exclusive and limited to 150 pieces. I love the gold, but i just don't get the pipe-cleaner legs......

28 November 2007

Joe Ledbetter smash figure by toy2r... Yes please!

26 October 2007

"Toast #2" available from Copro Nason Gallery $400.

IMO this is the best Ledbetter print yet - beautiful piece on wood block, with some hand painted elements and limited to 50. I like how...

16 October 2007

So here it is the long rumoured 10" JLed Trooper. Thoughts? The bat design is cool and the helmet is really nice but the rest of the design isn't really working for me. Nothing wrong with the...

31 July 2007

Just one of the things i missed from SDCC was this super teeter. It was one of Kidrobots SDCC exclusives and limited to 500. My guess is that they are already fetching a fair wack on ebay!!


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