Jack The Rascal Exhibit at Myplasticheart Roundup
05 April 2016

As previously reported, myplasticheart...

Wesker Zhan Jack The Rascal Black Colorway & Prints at Myplasticheart
01 April 2016
Jack The Rascal Mini Exhibit & Signing
25 March 2016

To kick off April, myplasticheart is hosting a mini exhibition featuring Jack The Rascal as well as a signing with Jack's creator Wesker Zhan. Come...

Wesker Zhan Jack The Rascal Vinyl Toy
18 February 2016

Introducing Jack the Rascal, the first production vinyl toy from NYC-based artist Wesker Zhan! Jack The Rascal is the based on Zhan's illustration with a fun back story you can read in the image...

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