23 July 2012

FIFTY24, in association with...

29 December 2009
23 July 2009
15 June 2009
12 January 2009
18 December 2008
06 February 2008

Coming soon from Upper Playground is this little critter described as a Vibrating Vinyl Friend lmao.  From the rather disturbing imagination of Jeremy Fish, our little friend features:- 

26 November 2007

How random is this huh? A walrus in a sweater and top hat with a gothic hand puppet.

It's the new Upper Playground toy created by Craola, based on its mascot, to be...

16 November 2011

As we seemlessly move into Xmas present terratory we'll try and keep you especially notified of some awesome gift ideas as they are released. This one in particular caught my eye today as an...

29 September 2009


Check out this quick clip from Upper Playground talking about his career and...

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