Posted by Geoff April 18, 2007

Seeing as TV is so poor, i've been diving headlong into DVD box sets I bought recently.

Ah The i've missed you. I don't like being preachy but y'know screw it - this is the best thing to grace TV.

And to fall into full-on TV critic tosser mode, but it draws you in with the complexity. Yeah, it's essenitally a cop show - but that's merely the premise. It's not a good vs bad set-up because everyone is good and bad. It depends on the viewpoint.

Everyone is compromised - the police, the dealers, the informants, the politicians. Its angry, intelligent, doesn't preach about drugs or violence - just tells it like it is. And certainly doesn’t glorify drug use – the opposite it shows the social and political consequence of it.

Bubbles the crackhead police informant is proof enough. Then there's Omar the gay enforcer, Stringer Bell the drug dealer

and Cheese, played by Method Man.

"You come at the king, you best not miss..."



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