Posted by Geoff December 01, 2007

Went to see Interpol last night at Ally Pally and they completely rocked the place...which was just as well as the venue was weird.

It's a massive place not really suited to the miserbalists choice of dour indie rock. But it didn't matter. Support act Blonde Redhead were very good - much better than they sound on record, lots of loops, feedback guitars and really sweet vocals by the female singer. It all went a bit My Bloody Valentine at one point but in a good way.

Then didn't play my favourtite song "NYC" but it's a bit too downtempo for a gig so they only played a few of the slower numbers instead rocking out with "Evil", "Heinrich Manouver", "Slow Hands", "obstacle #1" etc and closing the encore with "PDA".


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