Posted by Miranda May 27, 2008

Forbidden Planet have joined up with the Match It For Pratcheet appeal and created a signed Monqee for Auction.Forbidden Planet have joined up with the Match It For Pratcheet appeal and created a signed Monqee for Auction. They have gathered together a collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre figureheads and asked them to sign or draw on the blank figure. The piece will be auctioned off as part of Forbidden Planets 30th Anniversary celebrations.

Artists include:
Neal Asher
Chris 'Fangorn' Baker
Tony Ballantyne
Chaz Brenchley
Holly Black
Ed Buckley
Paul Cornell
David Devereux
Brianna Flynt
Neil Gaiman
Plus many more..

The piece is currently on display in the Vinyl Cabinet in the London Megastore, so if your thinking of putting in a bid, or just want to take a look, head on down there.


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