Posted by Geoff May 24, 2008

(L-R) Sixeart (Spain), JR (France) and Faile (US)

(L-R): Os Gemeos (Brazil), Nunca (Spain) and Blu (Spain)

Taking advantage of the weather after our visit to the awesome Telectroscope we went down to Tate Modern to have a look at the new Street Art show. I was slightly unsure about the whole thing really when I first heard about it I mean just because you take a stencil and put it in a gallery does that make it art? Isn't the whole idea that it's on the streets?

But putting that aside this 'show' is breathtaking. It's not the pieces themselves which are stunning (as you'd expect) but the sheer scale of them. As you walk across the Millennium Bridge they hit you straight away then as you get closer the detailing, colours etc really takes over. Definitely worth a visit.


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