Posted by Miranda July 15, 2008
A gift from Jason Siu

Today we received the most awesome gift from Jason Siu, this Black and white version of his new hand made 12" figure Des (When we opened it we expected to find the colour version and were very excited when we revealed this unseen to us, black and white one). Part of the Gangs of Monkey Play-ground series of figures, Des comes complete with his own DJ set up.... two turn tables, spinning Miles Davis classics none the less, Head phones, and a mixing rig. He also comes with a variety of hands, two sets in the Siu style and three in the more traditional.

The quality (as expected) is outstanding. The clothes are extremely well made and the casting is perfect! As for numbers, I know the colour version is limited to the 30 pieces, but i have no idea of the production run on this, I'm sure it's low though.

Not only is the figure amazing, I love the 'sleeping bag' style outer case for the box (also on the 7" figures).

So thank you soo much Jason and Mona, Much love from the UK!!


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