Posted by Miranda July 16, 2008
Risking a coronary we took a trip to the local fish an chip shop to try, a delicacy in our country, the deep fried Mars bar.

Yes the food stuff so wrong it can only be right! The idea of a chocolate bar, battered then threw into a fryer is truly a terrifying one. I think if I had spend too long thinking through the process, and the sheer amount of calories in just one bite I would have turned and ran. However always experimenting, so you don't have too, I went through with it and asked the archetypal chippy monkey for 1 fried mars bar please (feeling quite embarrassed about the whole thing).

First bite, grease dripping down your fingers, and your sold. Its a taste sensation! Warm melted chocolate in a batter exterior. If you can get past the sound and look of it you'll be amazed. Its truly awesome! Obviously only recommended once in your life time..

Soo wrong its right!


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