Posted by Geoff December 17, 2008

In a Top of the Pops style here are my Top 10 toys of the year....starting with Numbers 10 to 6. Feel free to agree/disagree state some glaringly obvious pieces i've missed. These are in no particular order of preference but I didn't feel they quite did enough to justify make the Top 5.

#6: Kathie Olivas Scavengers Series 1 (MINDstyle)

When I heard of this mini series I wasn't convinced it would work. How wrong I was. Great work by MINDstyle transferring a tricky painted style into 3D vinyl and creating some truly beautiful packaging to accompany these pieces.

#7: French GT Dunny - Supakitch and Koralie (Kidrobot)

I surprised myself by including this as someone who's never really got into Dunnys. But I think it deserves its place in the Top 10 due the the concept, detail and execution of the Dunny. Top marks to KR for letting them go to town on this...definitely a worth prize for the Golden Ticket chase in the French 3" Dunny Series.

#8: Stephan Le Podd - Doktor A (MINDstyle)

This sneaks in by the skin of its...err...moustache as it's due to land in stores this month (plus this time next year i'll have totally forgotten it and be kicking myself!). This 8" monster is an absolutely beauty perfectly capturing Dok A's signature Steampunk style in a full production piece. MINDstyle bought some serious heat this year, can they possible top it next year?

#9: KAWS JPP/Stormtrooper (OF/Medicom)

After a series of what I felt were pretty weak releases (Zooth, Cat Bank, Twins) Brian D came back with a bang in the summer with his take on the Tokyo Police mascot "pipokun". Simple and effective it marked IMO the return of KAWS doing what he does best, riffing off popular culture. JPP was followed up by a companion to his Vader, the classic Stormtrooper.

#10: Silas Martin X - James Jarvis (Amos toys)

As part of the 10th anniversary of an undoubted classic - the Silas Martin figure - Amos dropped Martin X in two colourways plus a limited black/white version paying homage to original Martin collaborators BxH's Kid Hunter figure. A nice way to celebrate...particularly they way poor Martin now has a bit of a middle age spread (presumably he no longer skates!)

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