Posted by Miranda March 02, 2009
Spooky - Jhonen Vasquez SLG

Don't get me wrong I really love this Toyko Plastic, Koguma figure. Normally he looks much different to this. This is the X-Ray version of the figure. However I can't help but to see Jhonen Vasquez's spooky when i look at him. I'm a huge Vasquez fan and spooky sits on the shelf above my desk (I could go into the filler bunny replacement that I somehow 'lost' at Toyfair NY many moons ago, but I wont), I probably should have took a shot that shows the arch in spooky's back too, but I think this will suffice for now. This has sparked us to think of other toy 'look-a-likes' so expect more posts like this. They aren't meant to have a pop at the designers, just for a bit of fun really. God help any toys that look the designers… hahaaha

Koguma - Tokyo Plastic MPH

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