Posted by marc January 28, 2016
Opera Dude by Tokyoplastic

We're going with a classic this week. Back in 2004 you maybe have stumbled across some stunning Flash animations from a boutique creative studio, Tokyoplastic. While the team was based in London, they created a unique Japan-meets-web 2.0 style. Check out an archived version of their "Opera Dude" animation:

Art toy collectors got to bring the Opera Dude into their own drum circle in 2005 when Flying Cat produced a 4 inch toy version of the character in cooperation with Tokyoplastic. Featuring a swiveling eyeball and articulated antennae, the figure originally dropped in September. It received multiple colorways, originally launching in the original black, as depicted in the video, and an Apple-y white version. A limited edition GID version also became available for an extra $5. Myplasticheart was - and seems to still be - the sole distributor of Tokyoplastic's designs, but have long since sold out of the Opera Dude. Luckily, costs haven't inflated too much. The toys originally retailed for $40 each and can be found on eBay for about $50.

Tokyoplastic produced two other designs sourced from their Flash animations, including a geisha in multiple sizes; the 3 inch Koguma (a pudgy bear) loose or in a subwoofer-equipped chair. They also went on to create some insect-based sculptures with Myplasticheart and Toy Art Gallery. You can check out their current work right here.

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