Posted by Nick January 25, 2011

Futura Laboratories are releasing a new set of Futura's prints entitled 'The Da Vinci Series'. The Da Vinci part of the print series are the backdrops for the work which use the classical artists sketches and writings as backdrops for his own creation: The Pointman. Whilst this print series isn't going to set the world alight, it is a chance for Futura fans to get their hands on a print of his work as there are multiple sizes available of this print series.

There are 15 works available in this series, each a different reworking of the pointman and there are 10 different print sizes available: From the smallest at 257mm (W) 301mm (H) 21mm (D) to 515 mm (W) 603 mm (H) 42 mm (D). That's a price range of 22,050YEN to 44,100YEN or approximately $270 to $535. Personally i'm pretty much over Futura hype, i think it was the Futura Labs Incense burner that was the straw that broke the camels back and i have no problem saying that although i think the range of print sizes are a good idea, they're still pretty steeply priced for something that Futura has just banged out.




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