Posted by Devin January 07, 2011

Gallery 1988 is putting on another inspired show this time themed to those who make us laugh. Partnered up with the brilliant minds of funny or die, comedian and artist collide and the results are certainly smile inducing.

Up top we have a one of a kind wood Ron Burgandy from anchorman masterly painted with acrylic by artist Alex Leighton. I just love the expression as it captures the whole character perfectly. I hope Alex will do a version of the rest of the channel 4 news team, maybe brick with a trident?

Zombie Louis C.K. is a great look at the comedian. It's not until recently that i really got into Louis I had heard tidbit here and there of his stand up and liked it but never really sought him out. After some friends made me re-watch Pootie Tang (its way better with a group) and  Louie, I began to take notice and then couldn't get enough. Jeff Proctor's Screen print rendition of the comedian is awesome and reminiscent of parts of louies act where he delves into "falling apart as part of getting old" plus zombies always for the win.

People still hate Gilbert Godfried... I love Gilbert. His act, his guest appearances, his roasts... there so weird and insane and  just ...wonderful. He's so squinty! if he got into a staring contest with French Stewart no one would no the winner! Drake Brodhal's piece really makes me imagine, if Aladdin was done with a naked little gilbert on his shoulder... the entire movie. No one mentioning it or calling attention to it. Just Iago is a naked squinty little man the whole movie. How weird and insane and awesome would that version of Aladdin be?

Zach Galifianakis. By Mike Mitchell, who you may remember from the ubiquitous "I'm With Coco" art that graced the internet for all of 2010. Who doesn't love Zach?

These works and more are all shared via and are just a taste of whats sure to be an awesome show!


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