Posted by Nick March 14, 2011

Gargamel have literally just released these 2 new figures with all proceeds going to support the victims of the recent Japanese earthquakes and Tsunami's. Go buy them here now, its as simple as that: If like me you're baffled by attempting to buy from a Japanese site then I highly recommend using Google Chrome, which can translate pages well enough to buy

All of us in this toy community have toys that come from Japan and it was a great relief to hear that everyone appears to be ok. The most damage appears to have been a fair few broken toys, but i think we can all agree that, that is much better than hearing about anyone being missing in this current climate... Especially after seeing the shocking images of the Tsunami seeing entire regions and peoples lives being simply washed away.

I urge you to give what you can to help the victims of this tragedy. If gargamel sell out of this figure, which is likely to happen as both figures are produced in just runs of 65, Gargamel will be able to donate Y195,000 which translates to roughly $2,400. Help them make this happen buy buying both the regular figure and 'obake' version

If they've sold out then why not donate to the Red Cross in your region:






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