Posted by Miranda May 04, 2011

Clutter Fave and Welsh Curry Eating friend Godmachine has joined teams with the awesome Vannen watches to create this macabre beauty, Tempus. Released tomorrow, this piece is limited to 150 pieces and will retail for $85. All watches come signed and numbered by Godmachine, and 10 have been anointed with a special silver ink overlay on the crystal. Of course they also come packaged in a black body bag!


From the press release:

"Tempus features original art designed by Godmachine specifically for the watch. Its band encases your wrist in a double-down innards-on-skin sandwich, and the crystal is printed in clear matte ink with Godmachine's own esoteric iconography. Underneath these symbols, and cloaked in further viscera, the hands of the watch tick by. But as the title,Tempus, implies: time is fleeting.."

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