Posted by baykiddead July 07, 2011

This comes with a warning...

Go any farther and there's a more than likely chance you'll be turned into a fanboy. There's just so much cool wrapped up in this not to fall head over heels. They got it all: looks [that kill], style, brains, and a wicked left cross. The package that contains all this kiler fun is Kevin Dart's Yuki 7 and the Gadget Girls. They're everything Charlie's Angels aren't, and a whole lot more. 

Dreamed up in 2008, Kevin has created a world filled with action, glamour, and best of all, the powerful women of Yuki 7, an international espionage agency. The first title to feature this kick ass assortment of awesome was "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7" co-written with Ada Cole,  debuting in 2009 with the animated trailer "Kiss from Tokyo." 

Next up is the release of "Looks That Kill" which from the looks of the trailer featured on the site, promises to make good on all of Yuki 7's early promise. I've already watched eight nine times. The book, which comes with a bonus DVD, is set for release on July 16 at QPOP in Los Angeles. But you can pre-order it now and begin the countdown until you reach full-fledged fandom for these mavens of mystery and mayhem.

Oh, and it gets better. It turns out one of Yuki 7's biggest fans is none other than paper toy master, Marshall Alexander. He approached Kevin with the idea of releasing a paper toy based on the girls of Yuki 7 and has made it available, gratis, on his site. My cup is running over...

So head on over and immerse yourself into the Yuki 7 world HERE and get your very own Yuki 7 girl by visiting Marshall's site, HERE and remember, you've been warned!


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