Posted by Miranda October 06, 2011

So we already announced that for the first time ever Clutter has its own booth (#583) at NYCC! HOLLA! As a media outlet our main purpose will be event coverage, so we will be live blogging, and creating video interviews of board members and artists, for you to eat up!! (stop by to watch these take place and ask your own questions). We will also be running competitions and giveaways, AND on top of that we will also have a handful of exclusive products for sale - all of which are very exciting!!

First up we have partnered with the awesome 1XRUN to create a series of exclusive art prints. The first to be released is a screen print designed by the awesome Pete Fowler! A limited edition of 50, signed and numbered by Pete, the print is based on his design for the DTA Award "The Toy King", and of course comes in Clutter colors - pink, pink and more pink!! Huzzah! It looks so good we can't wait to get it in our hands, and maybe lick it!! We hope neither can you.... (minus the licking)




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