Posted by Nick January 06, 2012

Fashion photographer Joel Lim is opening his first ever solo shop tonight at FLABSLAB entitled Boys and their Toys. Thankfully the exhibition features female models and host of designer vinyl figures from 1000% Bearbricks, 4ft Kaws figures as well as Secret Base skulls and a giant Ron English Mc Supersized.

Joel Lim took the title of ELLE photographer of the Year in 2010 and this project seems really random and i wonder if he decided to take on this idea because he is a collector or whether he just stumbled across them as a fashion photographer, there's no doubt that the toy world and fashion worlds have been colliding more and more. The focus of the exhibition shots combine the naked female form and designer toys, aiming to promote acceptance (?!?). In total there will be 12 large format prints on show, each in his signature style.


One Commonwealth #06-11 | Map


Exhibition Date: Januray 6th (Friday) – January 13th (Friday) | 12pm – 6pm

via [freshnessmag]


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