Posted by Erica January 06, 2012

New from the Cotton Candy Machine is the Somewhere Under the Rainbow Print Set! These awesome paintings are from Tara McPherson’s Lost Constellations solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. This series of paintings represents five young girls adorned with corpse makeup. Each of these beauties have something different growing from their heads. These images create a range of emotions from Companionship and Protection to Growth and Loss. Everyone will have their own interpretation of what the relationship between the girl and what is growing from her. A few of Tara’s favorite characters make an appearance in these pieces, such as Mr. Wiggles and Skull Flower.

These prints will be released next week, on Thursday January 12th at 3pm EST. The first 30 orders will receive a free mini print with their purchase. The Somewhere Under the Rainbow prints will be sold as a set or individually. There are 100 prints worldwide and all of them are signed and numbered.

The cost for the set of 5 is $100, or $25 per print. They are 8.5" x 15.5" and are Girclee on Velvet fine Art Paper.


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