Posted by Richie February 22, 2012

For any real retro gaming fans, you should be able to work out from the pixel-art design what games these originate from, both iconic in their own right. One from a certain brick destroying puzzle masterpiece with a brilliant midi soundtrack to boot, and the other from a certain circular head shaped male that has an insatiable appetite! 

Here's the Kremlin Rocket design, and if you were worthy and awesome enough at the original game then you'll know exactly what this is. Maybe you can wear it with pride so that you can acknowledge others as 'l33t' as yourself ;) 

Pizza Man Fever should be self explanatory enough and I couldn't put it any better than super7 themselves; "always remember that it's a eat or be eaten world out there."

The tees are priced at $25 each and will be available from this Thursday, February 23rd at noon (Pacific) at the Super7 store!

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