Posted by Erica February 06, 2012

Monster Kolor has released two awesome new paint kits.

First we have "Those 70's Kolors"...pretty groovy, dont ya think!?

Those 70's Kolors Kit includes:

OJ - Old school metallic orange. Gives off a great micro metallic shimmer 

Tiki Teal - Solid teal color. Really a great color to expand you color pallete. towards the blue side of teal vs. the green side.

Go-Go - Solid retro green for all you 70's fans out there !


Next we have the "Envy Paint Kit" which is the first kit in a series of 7 Deadly Sins.


The Envy Paint Kit includes: .

Gator - Solid Bright Green. Powerful !

Presidential - Solid Green shade to the blue side of green. Bright and light

Sublimed - Metallic Lime green with gold pearl infused into it. Gives off a awesome shimmer!


Both Kits are available in aerosol cans as well and are $15 per kit.

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