Posted by Trustpigs March 17, 2012

Several weeks back, we announced that the ever-adorable (and rapidly growing brand) So So Happy had joined forces with Toy2R to create a traveling custom Qee show. The idea behind the exhibit was to gather artists together that could choose to rely on the pre-established characters for direction or that could let their imagination go wild, creating their own design inspired by the So So Happy universe. Chauskoskis took the latter route.

Mexican artist Chauskoskis, born Walter Jacott, has many accolades to his name: aside from being in over two dozen custom toy shows and having a contribution in the Kidrobot Board's Most Wanted Series 2 dunny set, he's also responsible for having sculpted Jeff Lamm's Greasebat and — most recently — had his own "Birro the Clown" design made by Kidrobot as a special edition dunny release. But I digress, on with the So So Happy inspired custom piece…

There's so much to adore about this finished piece, which started out life as an 8" Bunny Qee. The sculpting is superb, whether it's that swishy curl of hair or that slight overbite with single dangling tooth, the beady eyes or the strangely protruding nose holes, Chauskoskis absolutely nailed it. But the best part? Look at the back; a smooth hunched over body expression instead of the normal division from the platform. Simply amazing is truly what I believe.


The painting appears crisp, clean, controlled. The texture of the various color layers have a smooth blend while the green pustules (if that's what they are) don't appear out of place or merely added on. The detail around the eyes especially is notable, granting a 'tired' feel to this untitled character. And while I'm sure Chauskoskis has his own secret history for this individual, I think of him as a down-on-his-luck plumber, wrench in hand, just hoping to survive another day.


For more information on the So So Happy x Toy2R custom toy show, please view our previous article on the event.

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