Posted by Erica March 15, 2012

A little late i know, but March 14th was the Anniversary of Dr. Einstein's Birthday, and we are celebrating MIMO-Style! That's right, in celebration of the 133rd Anniversary of Albert Einstein's birth Mimoco, the makers of MIMOBOT® and MIMOMICRO™ have released two brand-new Einstein™x MIMOBOT characters!

First is the Brainstein MIMOBOT

This was originally created by Michal Miszta as an entry into Mimoco's Unmasked Design Challenge! This character cuts right to the chase. Why have a bushy head of hair covering that magnificent brain we all know and love!? The Brainstein design celebrates the bulging mind of the good doctor, and is the perfect portable storage device for all your data. With up to 64GB of memory this Brainstein MIMOBOT is sure to be the smartest flash drive in the room.

Next is the Emcee2 Einstein

Emcee2 Einstein MIMOBOT re-imagines the icon as a record-spinning, techno beat-blasting DJ master... if you couldn't tell by the designer headphone's he's rocking.
Emcee2 Einstein MIMOBOT reflects the physicist's other great passion: Music. Einstein himself was quoted saying "If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician."So Mimoco has made his wish come true. This is a great way to transport all of your mp3's along with your important data.


Check out Mimoco's Introduction video for their Einstein inspired MIMOBOTS.


Head over to Mimoco's website to get yourself the smartest flash drive in town!


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