Posted by Seek and Destroy March 20, 2012

My Strange addiction finally got my attention with this one, no cat lady or other mundane booger addictions here... When I heard "I am addicted to drinking gasoline" out of the corner of my ear the DVR was set and it was on. Yo this chick really drinks gasoline. And it is killing her.

Now gas is a pretty potent inhalant next to glue and spray paint of course, but my girl is drinking the stuff. This definitely qualifies for a freak show post  Basically she loved the smell of it as a child and after she was of legal age she purchased some for her own stash - which she keeps under the sink in the bathroom, in gas cans of course. She drinks like a glass a day and it is totally f'ing her shit up . Oh and some concerned family members are trying to help her or something... Leave her alone!! To see her sipping her freshly refined malt from a glass and taking a swig from the gas can under the vanity is just priceless.


I wonder if she smokes!





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