Posted by Nick March 23, 2012

Lingerie brand Hanky Panky has teamed up with Sanrio to produce a new range of 'delicates' perfect for the ladies in your life, or even the lady not in your life. lol

Anyway, the range launches this May and looks extremely cute and tastefully done. Particularly liking the detail of the bow on the strap as well as the headgear. Who knows if that will actually be part of the range. Fingers crossed. Full pricing is unknown but the range will be between $27 and $98 depending on the piece.

David Marchi of Sanrio said, "A lot of people think this is jut a brand for kids and teens, but many women 18 years and older have grown up with Hello Kitty and can relate to the brand in a more adult way." Which to be honest sounds very dodgy indeed! If you've experienced Hello Kitty in a more adult way feel free to email me. haha


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