Posted by Erica April 25, 2012

Some days just start out a bit gloomy, but Weaselfactory is making sure that people look on the bright side. Weaselfactory has created a set of Acrylic Rings for "indecisive people, who cant decide what kind of day theyre having." These Oh Happy Day/Oh Crappy Day rings are to be worn, one on each hand, as a reminder that despite a day being dark and gray, the sun will come soon.

The Happy Day right features beautiful pops of yellow and orange sunshine, with some big white fluffly clouds.

and for The Crappy Day ring... grey grey grey, thats all i have to say.

Both rings are a size medium: British size O / USA size 7, which measures about 17.35mm in diameter. We say approximate because, although the rings are cut to the correct size, they are hand sanded, laminated and buffed so the size can vary very slightly.



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