Posted by Nick May 04, 2012

If you aren't one of the lucky few who can drop a few grand on one of Paul Budnitz's fine two wheeled creations then this D*Face collaboration with 14 Bike Co. might be right up you're street.

That's not strictly true cos I haven't found a price for this anywhere yet but based on 14 Biko Co.'s other creations I doubt it's about to hit the $3,000 mark any time soon. Which is awesome cos this bike is actually a kinda similar shape and style to Budnitz bikes. D*Face got together with Ted James of 14 Bike Co and together this is what was created, a bomb proof utility bike with sturdy frame, belt driven and disc brakes as well as an awesome looking matt black finish

Available now in D* and double D* spec from 14 Bike Co.




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