Posted by specialK May 24, 2012

I open up an email from Super7 and this is the first thing I see :


Oh hell yeah! That sounds perfect to me! DIY is the way to BE! These monster loving punks of Super7 have been doing it themselves for eleven years and that is awesome. Yeah, I know the word awesome is more than a little played out, but I happen to think it applies here. 

The big eleventh anniversary party will be held at the Super7 store in San Francsisco. Here's the invite. 

In May 2004, Super7 opened their first store in San Francisco making and selling all of their own toys, books, magazines and t-shirts.

Super7 has been doing it themselves for eleven years now. I would expect no less of sci-fi skate punks from the land of Maximum Rock And Roll. 

 The event will be at Super7 located at 1427 Haight St. in S.F. on June 9th. The fun starts at 7pm so get there and grab a Lucky Bag! 

Oh yeah - play some Japanese punk at this party. I'm thinking Teengenerate, maybe Guitar Wolf. 



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