Posted by specialK June 07, 2012

Revelation Records is celebrating their 25th anniversary June 7 - 10th with  some shows at The Glasshouse in Pamona, CA. There are 15 bands on the bills including hardcore legends Youth Of Today, Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits, - 15 bands in all. To commemorate this special event Super 7 has prepared a special edition of their Gorilla Biscuits toy. MOSSSSHHHHHH!

This tough guy gorilla stands 4" tall, cast in metalic silver with grey teal and dark blue sprays with white detailing. 


This limited edition will be packaged in a two piece gift box set foil stamped ith the Gorilla Biscuits logo.

Super 7's Gorilla Biscuits mascot will make its debut at the Gorilla Biscuits merch table at the shows on June 8th. The hardcore gorilla dude will be available online Thursday, June 14th at 12 noon PST and he retails for $65.00. 


For more information on the upcoming shows check out the Revelation Records website. 25 years as a successful  independent label is no small feat. This is a big thing and Revelation have a lot to be proud of . DIY is the ONLY way to be! 

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