Posted by specialK August 01, 2012

Aryz has done some new street art for 2012. He has got a unique, recognizable style, and i am really digging it. Let's take a look, shall we? 

This one is called "Monkey Business" & it's up in St. Dennis on Reunion Island.

Next one is "Still Life" & that mural is in Richmond Virginia.

Here's some of Aryz's older work. This one was done in 2011 & is called "Love Letter" in Lodz, Poland.

This one is "Shrimp", located in Grotagglie, Italy. Shrimp s styling in his bow tie & top hat. So swank. 

Shrimpy details.

This one is "March", located in Civitavecchia, Italy. Check out the smart car on the lower right.

This one is "Trouble", painted in 2009 in Granollers, Catalunya. These are huge!  Amazing...

Check out Aryz's website for more of his spectacular art. 


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