Posted by Trustpigs September 05, 2012

Like an ultra-violent and slightly comedic version of the classic Contra video game, Free Lives's BROFORCE! free downloadable game prototype is an über-fun and easy to play 8-bit emulation computer game. Within the game, you play a film-inspired action hero from the last 20 years who must defeat Satanic terrorists and invading aliens. While we can only see what's in the prototype at the moment, the final version — which is scheduled for a mid-2013 release — will include: a large array of "Bros" characters to play, "each with distinctive attacks and special abilities"; "significantly more explosions, dinosaurs and aliens"; a greater number of levels (locations) with better quality art; "helicopter battles and Contra style boss fights"; a customizable home base for your Bro; a level editor; and online multiplayer option. Unfortunately the prototype is solely playable on a computer running Windows, but can be downloaded from here for free.



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